The Tavern Club is a private Club, founded in 1884, which has been at 4 Boylston Place in downtown Boston since 1887. Membership is by invitation. There are about 200 members who share interests in conversation, literature, history, the theatre, music and the visual arts.


The Tavern was founded by a small group of young Bostonians seeking a livelier alternative to Clubs in Boston at the time, an undertaking which is still pursued today. Members include musicians, artists, teachers, physicians, lawyers, business people, academics, as well as some without recognized callings.

The Tavern regularly presents plays and musical entertainments in the Tavern theatre; these are written and performed by members for their own pleasure. Several times a year there are art shows. The Club also regularly invites guests for dinner, who speak and perform for members and visitors.

There are Monday night dinners for members, along with lunch daily, as well as frequent gatherings to discuss matters of special interest to smaller groups of members.

The Club is also available on request to non members for private meetings and dinners.

The Boylston Place Foundation was formed in 2009 with the purpose helping in the maintenance of the Tavern Club art collection, artifacts and records, and to the extent that it might affect the preservation of these, the Club premises.

In accordance with the status of the Foundation, the Tavern Club periodically allows non members to visit the Club to view the paintings, which include works by John Singer Sargent, Frank Duveneck, F.W. Benson and Ives Gammell, as well as others of the Boston School, most if not all former members.

Those who might be interested in such a visit should call the Club and with name and details so that a Club member may respond and make arrangements: